Workshops are face-to-face training sessions, where we aim to be interactive and to provide a chance to apply the skills you have just learnt whenever possible. Some workshops require you to do some self-studying before or after the session. These pre and/or post workshop activities are meant to ensure a deeper learning experience so it is important to complete them.

Study Skills

SDW111: Takeoff: Practical Tips for Learning

Need a refresher after a break from your studies? Not sure how to navigate the academic landscape of SUSS? Takeoff is the workshop just for you! You will learn practical tips and strategies - such as time and workload management, as well as engaging with learning resources, just to name a few. All that you will learn is based on student learning needs analyses undertaken by researchers at SUSS. Be assured, therefore, of a smooth entry into University life with this popular workshop!

Target Participants: New students

Note: Limited to 40 participants per session. Students can sign up for either one of the following sessions. There are pre-workshop activities to be completed before the start of the workshop. Instructions on these activities will be sent to your MyMail account, together with the confirmation email.

SDW113: Visual Mapping for Effective Learning

Visual Mapping is proven to be an extremely effective creative learning tool. It is a visual information management tool that helps you to transform ideas and concepts into visuals and arrange and organise the complex information into a map for deeper understanding of concepts. The process of visual mapping can help you to generate new ideas and ways of viewing the information and create visual representations of the information. Be introduced to the skill of creating, processing, conceptualizing and synthesizing information visually.  It can also enhance your memory, critical thinking skills, as well as creativity.

Visual content plays a role in almost every part of life in the digital era.  In addition to using pen and paper, you will be introduced to apps that will enhance your efficiency in the digital era.

Learn how you can apply this very useful strategy while studying and planning for your term assignments!

Target Participants: New students and existing students

Note: Limited to 40 participants per session. Students can sign up for either one of the following sessions. Please bring along one of your courses’ Learning Outcomes (i.e., learning outcomes from one of the study units in the iStudyGuide) to the session.

SDW117 Learning Through Feedback

Feedback, both positive and negative, is essential for improvement in an academic setting. This workshop will allow students to utilise feedback more effectively by learning to interpret and apply feedback received on assignments. Students will also gain a greater understanding of the value of constructive feedback through providing feedback to their peers.

Target Participants: New & existing students

Note: Limited to 50 participants per session.

Assessment Skills

SDW171: Using Library Resources in Your Written Assignments

Using credible sources to support your arguments is an important component of a well-written essay. Find out how you can uncover such sources available from our library and also pick up some tips on submitting good assignments through this workshop.

Target Participants: New and existing students

Note: Limited to 60 participants per session.

SDW173: Strategic Revision Using Learning Outcome

All courses offered at SUSS have specific learning outcomes in the light of Bloom’s taxonomy. The workshop can help students strategise and maximize their exam revision efforts by unpacking the verbs in the Blooms’ taxonomy.

Target Participants: New & existing undergraduates only

Note: Limited to 60 participants per session.

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