Online Courses

Online Courses

TLC faculty design and develop online courses on study skills that are customised to the SUSS context

These are competencies that are especially important if you want to do well in your course of study at SUSS.

These online modules are available in Canvas. The best thing is, even if you cannot spare the time to attend the face-to-face workshops and talks, you can still pick up useful tips on study skills and academic writing by going through these modules on your own.

In a recent survey of SUSS students, TLC found learning effectiveness to be related to the following study skills: goal setting, time management, assignment preparation and examination preparation. So, you may want to make a note of that, and look through the related segments in SD101: Essential Skills for Self-directed Learning.

Hone the skills you require to excel in your studies at SUSS. Set your own goals, exercise discipline, and learn how to manage stress and cope with examination anxiety. Make notes that reflect your own understanding of the subject matter. Gain insights into the thought processes that go into identifying key words and gathering the required information for your assignments.

Enrolment Information
Start of Course: 30 July 2020
End of Course: 21 August 2020

Last Day of Course Registration: 29 July 2020

Registration is via the Student Portal from 8 June 2019 to 29 July 2020 for new and existing students.

Do take your time to review the modules, and complete the related online quizzes so that you would have a better understanding of your areas of weaknesses. These modules are meant to help you gain an understanding of the types of skills you require to do well at the undergraduate level.