Faculty Learning Symposium
21 September 2013

Pre-FLS Workshop: Online Assessment and Marking

This workshop will commence with an interactive session about assessment in general, and the spectrum of available assessment activities. Discussion will then turn to those types of assessment which are suitable for doing online, because it is not always appropriate to use virtual approaches. Associate Professor Rob Phillips will also discuss assessment for deep learning, outlining some alternative approaches.

The workshop will continue by addressing the practicalities of marking online and providing feedback to students. Rob will present some alternative approaches, and facilitate discussion among workshop attendees about their best practices.

  • Facilitator: Associate Professor Rob Phillips
  • Venue: SIM HQ Block B RM5.29/5.30
  • Date: 20 September 2013 (Friday)
  • Time: 0930 hrs to 1130 hrs

FLS Workshop 1: Hands-on Design of Effective Tertiary Learning Environments

This workshop will build on the keynote address and focus on designing or re-designing a learning environment through a mixture of presentation and hands-on activities. It will draw on concepts outlined in Associate Professor Rob Phillips’ recent book, including the LEPO (Learning environment, process, outcomes) framework and the idea that education is a design activity. Rob will build on the idea of the ‘aligned curriculum’, starting the design process with desired learning outcomes and appropriate assessment. The focus will then turn to designing a learning environment to realize these outcomes, through curriculum design (what to teach), learning design (how to teach it) and technology design (what technologies, if any, can support this learning design).

The workshop will focus on a real life problem: how to design an authentic, collaborative (blended) learning environment within the constraints of a six week teaching period. Participants are encouraged to bring relevant teaching materials and use the workshop to focus on identified teaching and learning problems.

Participants will work in small groups to rethink their learning designs. They will use tools provided by him to analyse the educational problem and the nature of their student cohort to develop new solutions to their teaching problems. He will be assisted by UniSIM staff to ensure that the proposed solutions are relevant to the UniSIM context.

  • Facilitator: Associate Professor Rob Phillips
  • Venue: SIM HQ Block B RM5.29/30
  • Date: 21 September 2013 (Saturday)
  • Time: 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs

FLS Workshop 2: What is Authentic Assessment?

This workshop is intended to provide a consideration of the role and value of ‘authenticity’ as a factor in the design and development of authentic activities. It will provide some context on the purpose and importance of ‘authenticity’ as a component of a 21st century student learning experience. Using Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe’s own research, this workshop seeks to provide some structured mechanisms by which the relative degree of authenticity within an assessment task might be overtly considered.

  • Facilitator: Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe
  • Venue: SIM HQ Block A RM3.15
  • Date: 21 September 2013 (Saturday)
  • Time: 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs