TLC Training Calendar 2012

Date 7 Jan 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00am* – 1.00pm (inclusive of lunch)
Venue: Lecture Theatre 5.23 (Level 5, SIM HQ Annex)
Programme Outline:
9.30am Registration
10.00am Screening of Corporate Video
10.15am Opening Address by President
10.35am Welcome Address* by Provost, Registrar & VP, Learning Services
11.20am Photo Taking Session
11.30am How TLC supports UniSIM Associates by Prof Neelam Aggarwal
11.45am QA
12.00 noon Lunch
Afternoon ETP Training

Date: 18 February 2012

Venue: Orchid Country Club

Time: 6.15pm

Theme: A World of Colours

Speaker: Dr. Melissa-Mae Saradetch (School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences)

Date: 23 March 2012

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Function Room (RM4.01A HQ)

According to leading educator and technologist David Warlick, unless we re-examine, reflect on, and make changes to the way we teach, our 21st century student will be stuck in the 19th century classroom. Educators need to vary their teaching strategies and approaches to the benefit of students with multiple intelligences and various learning styles.

With this in mind, the pedagogical rationale for incorporating technology in the teaching and learning of English Literature is to supplement and complement traditional pedagogical approaches, as well as to encourage independent, exploratory, and collaborative learning.

This workshop explores the various ways in which popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, can be incorporated into the teaching of English Literature, in order to motivate students and engage them in the subject through the use of technology.

Speaker: Ms Khoo Sim Eng (School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences)

Date: 20 April 2012

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Function Room (RM4.01A HQ)

This workshop explores ways in which blogs can be incorporated in teaching. Aspects to be covered include how to design blogging tasks, how to group students into blogging groups, and how to assess blogs.

Date: 7 July 2012

Venue: SIM HQ BLK A LT4.05 SIM Blk A, Function Room 4.01 (Level 4) & Hall Foyer 2

Time: 10.45 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Time Event
10.35 a.m. Registration of new associates
11.00 a.m. UniSIM Corporate Video
11.05 a.m. President's Welcome Address
11.35 a.m. Presentation of Certificates for Successful Completion of Associate Training
11.45 a.m. Q&A
12.00 p.m. Welcome Lunch (for new and existing associates)

Date: 28 July 2012

Time: 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Venue: SIM HQ BLK A LT1.09A

The annual Faculty Learning Day, scheduled for Saturday, 28 July, will bring to you speakers who will share their research and teaching practices linked to effective engagement of adult students in the learning process. The sessions aim to encourage adoption of both practical and creative teaching approaches which will enhance student engagement and increase instructional relevance and impact.

You will find more information on the programme schedule, speaker presentations and profiles at HERE.

Speaker: Mr. Thum Cheng Cheong (School of Business)

Date: 23 August 2012

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: SIM BLK A LT2.16

Mind Map is a thinking and organisational tool. It is the key to unlock the power and potential of one's brain. While the practical application of mind map is widely recognized, utilizing the tool effectively can be a challenge in collaborative learning. UniSIM has incorporated mind map skills into one of its courses, BUS100 Business Skills and Management.

The speaker, Mr. Thum Cheng Cheong, who is also the programme writer for this portion will share with you the approach, the assessment criteria, the students' work and their responses. One of the lecturers from BUS 100 will also join in to share his experience of using the mind-map as a teaching tool.

Date: 15 September 2012

Time: 8.15 a.m. ~

Venue: SIM BLK B LT2.37

Get ready to experience Asia's rich maritime history at The Maritime Experiential Museum, an interactive, multi-sensorial museum on Sep 15. Explore the Maritime Silk Route with the help of interactive displays, and learn about the eight ports of call along the trade routes.

Enjoy the waves with adventurous seafarers at The Maritime Experiential Museum, Resorts World Sentosa. And find out firsthand what it's like to be trapped in the eye of a typhoon!.

This year, we are giving you and your loved one a ticket each to the museum. So look out for our email notification and register early to avoid disappointment, as the tickets are given on a first-come-first-served basis. We look forward to seeing you on Sep 15.

Speaker: Associate Professor Wong Yue Kee (Vice-President, Learning Services)

Date: 27 September 2012

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: SIM Blk A, Function Room, RM 4.01.

As instructors, we value engagement in classes and we encourage interactive learning. While this may not be an issue in small tutorial classes, it can become increasingly difficult for instructors to "keep track" of student learning as class sizes increase. Furthermore, given limited class exposure time, it is equally difficult for instructors to find time to "listen" to students. Without "listening" how are we to know that students are learning?

In his session, Prof Wong will share with the audience his experiences using Blackboard Journaling tool to "listen" to his students. Basically, student journals are used as a conduit for direct class feedback thereby facilitating the instructor to respond to the class in a timely manner. Examples of classroom application and feedback from students will be discussed.

The presenter believes that while continuous assessment and summative evaluations may indicate the successful transfer of knowledge for the learning outcomes, it misses out on the learning processes taking place as the course progresses. The interactive feedback provided by Journaling is important in helping the instructor shape students' perception in class and is the key to a positive classroom learning environment.

Associate Professor WONG Yue Kee holds a PhD in Information Systems, and has taught technical and management courses at University level for several years. He has taught in Undergraduate, MBA and Executive programs but finds engagement with students to be a challenging but rewarding assignment. He believes that having a great class is gratifying for the Instructor, and it makes teaching and learning so much more enjoyable.