Graduate Programme in Adult Learning

Graduate Programme in Adult Learning

The Master in Adult Learning (MATLG) is a professional learning pathway that aims to prepare adult learning professionals for this fast-evolving environment. It also aims to provide career transition, or extension, opportunities for adult learning professionals. MATLG is designed with a two-fold purpose; Firstly, to prepare learners with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in teaching, assessing, and designing courses for adult learners with an imperative focus on the use of contemporary educational technology. Secondly, to provide learners with critical and philosophical thinking skills that are imperative for critiquing approaches to adult learning from its socio-political contexts, in order to design insightful, meaningful and rigorous learning experiences for adult learners. MATLG is taught by experienced academics and attracts a diverse group of learners who are interested in, and concerned with, adult learning in formal education, continuing and lifelong learning, and workplace learning.


Special Concession for Associate Faculty – waiver of course fees for Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning

To provide a continuing professional development pathway for Associate Faculty, the course fees for the first three courses (ADL511, ADL513 and ADL515 only), leading to the Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning, are waived for Associate Faculty; a one-time e-application fee of $64.20 (inclusive of GST) applies and an administrative fee of $117.70 (inclusive of GST) per course is payable upon successful enrolment into the programme.

Additionally, Associate Faculty are eligible for 20% concession on the total course fee when they sign up for any SUSS programmes, including the Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning and Master of Adult Learning. More information is provided in the Associate Handbook [Page 31, 7.3.3 (h) Forms].

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For enquiries on this special concession for Associate Faculty, please email Associate Administration at