Submission Guidelines

Advances in Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Submission Guidelines and Peer Review Process

Submission Guideline

  1. Submission for a manuscript implies that the paper has not been submitted to or published in any other journal. We also consider manuscripts previously presented in a workshop, symposium or conference on condition that the manuscripts have undergone substantial revision. The authors also need to inform the editorial office at the time of submission that the paper is based on a previous workshop, symposium or conference for which permission has been sought.
  2. Copyrights for articles published in this journal are retained by the authors. The first publication rights are granted to this journal. You will be asked to sign a copyright form upon the acceptance of your manuscript for publication.
  3. Please refer to Authors' Guidelines and the Manuscript Style Template on the preparation on the manuscript.
  4. All articles, along with their abstracts, are to be submitted via email to

The Peer Review Process

All research articles submitted in this journal will undergo a full review process that comprises the steps described below. During the peer review process, you will not be able to request any changes to the article. However, if your paper is accepted, you will have a chance to make revisions after peer review and before the final submission of your article.

  1. Initial Review: The editor will evaluate each manuscript to determine if its topic and content is suitable for consideration by the journal. Manuscripts that are not aligned to the theme of SoTL will be returned to the author within a month.
  2. Peer Review: Based on initial screening by the editors, each paper that passes the review is anonymised, and sent to an anonymous referee under the double-blind peer review process. Referees will be asked to evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, relevance of the topic to teaching practice, soundness of methodology (if any), and its implications for practice. The reviewers' recommendations determine whether a paper will be accepted, accepted with minor changes, with significant changes or rejected. Manuscripts that require major or minor changes, along with the reviewer's report, will be sent back to the authors. Authors will need to revise manuscripts and return them to the editor within 2-3 weeks for the reviewer’s consideration.
  3. Recommendations: Based on the reviewer's comments after revision (if any), the editor will make decisions on the acceptability of the manuscript for publication. The editor will communicate his or her decision to the author. As with most journals, the author will be notified of acceptance within four to six months of submission, pending a number of factors (e.g. availability of the referees) which could influence the timeframe.