Teaching and Learning Research

To promote teaching excellence at SUSS, the Teaching & Learning Centre is increasingly turning to evidence-based inquiry to develop a deeper understanding of learning and teaching within the SUSS context.

Our faculty and associates have been actively experimenting with innovative pedagogical approaches, studying the efficacies of new technology on learning, probing the interstices between pedagogy and technology, and reflecting on what all this means to instructional practices and student learning at SUSS.

T&L Research Framework

The framework helps organise SUSS’s T&L research efforts, by focusing these inquiries on the inter-relationships identified within it. Outcomes from the focused T&L inquiries will help inform, guide, and influence our T&L policies and practices.

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Advances in Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

In line with our move to promote a scholarly approach towards teaching and learning, the Teaching & Learning Centre is launching an open-access, peer-reviewed, online journal, titled “Advances in Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.”

This trans-disciplinary journal accepts submissions on a range of topics that cover learning and teaching activities, including efforts aimed at improving teaching and learning practices, and promoting student learning.

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