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Dear Student

Welcome to Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and congratulations on taking your first step towards a degree!

A number of challenges may await you in your new learning experience as an undergraduate. The Teaching & Learning Centre hopes to make your academic journey a smoother one by providing useful learning support resources.

Our student learning resources focus on two main areas that are deemed essential for successful learning at SUSS – namely, English Proficiency and Self-Directed Learning.

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Do make use of these resources as they can be useful in assisting you to study better at SUSS.

All the best in your studies!

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Teaching & Learning Centre

  1. Review your Curriculum Plan (CP)
  2. Plan on taking no more than 15 credit units of courses
  3. Identify compulsory courses to be taken in the first semester
  4. Start with Level 1 courses first, before proceeding to Levels 2 and 3
  5. Identify compulsory courses according to levels (e.g., Level 1, Level 2, etc.), and plan which courses to take in each semester
  6. Take compulsory courses first, before elective courses
  7. Identify complementary courses that can be taken together
  8. Check for clash in presentation dates

Important Note: Make a note of the add/drop period so that you can submit a course choice amendment if you are unable to manage your workload.

  1. Carefully read through the course schedule for each course you’re enrolled in
  2. Complete all assigned readings before each seminar session
  3. Work through the associated learning activities and note down questions you may have for your instructor
  4. Identify questions from past years’ exam question papers that are related to the topic areas just covered, and work out your answers to those question
  5. Make a note of past years’ exam questions that you have problems answering, so that you may ask your instructor or fellow students
  6. Make a note of all your assignment deadlines for each course, and start working on your assignments at least two weeks before the assignment deadline
  7. Read your assignment booklet, and raise questions you may have on tutor expectations for each assignment, if any.
  8. Identify relevant materials from the textbooks, and set aside time to do some research
  9. Complete your first draft at least one week before the assignment deadline, so that you can submit your assignment on time
  10. When preparing for the exams, review your answers to past year exam question papers again.
  1. To pass a course, you must attain at least 40% in both the continuous assessment and the examinable componen
  2. To graduate with a basic degree from SUSS, you must complete 130 credit units, inclusive of 10 credit units in the University Core course You must also attain a CGPA of at least 2.0 at the point of graduation.
  3. Students who fail to meet the minimum requirement of 2.0 CGPA – or an average of a C grade – will be issued an academic warning.
  4. If, for some reason, you again fail to attain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 for a second time during your course of study, you will face academic termination. You can appeal to restart your programme within two weeks by submitting your application at the Administration office. You may also apply to transfer to another programme, subject to approval by the University.

How to Read a Curriculum Plan.

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