English Proficiency Programme

  1. Students who have not met the EP requirement: How to navigate to complete
    1. Introduction
    2. EP flowchart
    3. Course details
    4. FAQs
  2. Students who have met the EP requirement: How to register for self-improvement
    1. Registration dates

1. Students who have not met the EP requirement: How to navigate to complete

a. Introduction

A good command of English is important for students to successfully complete a degree programme. In order to help raise the level of English proficiency and to enhance academic performance by equipping students with necessary English Language skills relevant to both their academic and professional lives, the Teaching & Learning Centre developed a suite of English Proficiency (EP) courses, consisting of 5 online courses. One of them is a diagnostic course and the other 4 are language enhancement courses (LECs).

To find out whether you have or have not met the English Proficiency (EP) requirement, please refer to Singapore University of Social Sciences’s website.

If you have not met the EP requirement, check out the following video to find out how the EP support programme can help you.

You may also refer to this infographic on how to navigate the EP Programme.

b. EP flowchart

how to navigate the EP Programme Click on the image to view the larger version.

c. Course Details

Details of the diagnostic course and the language enhancement courses are listed below.

SDE101 Essential English Skills and English Proficiency Assessment

This course aims to diagnose students’ English Proficiency abilities and contains two English Proficiency Assessments (EPA) and a set of materials related to developing better listening, reading, and writing skills.

Course fees: Free
Delivery mode: Online

SDE102 Developing Academic Writing Skills

This course presents some of the operational aspects and essential skills necessary for producing written work of the required standard. The purpose of this course is to familiarise you with specific skills of writing to enable you to produce coherent and cohesive written assignments.

Course fees: S$68.50 (inclusive of GST).
Delivery mode: Online

SDE103 Grammar

This course aims to equip you with some of the foundational knowledge and skills required to construct grammatical sentences and to avoid common errors in English, so that you may communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively in your assignments and examinations. The course will take you through the nuts and bolts of grammar, and explore how words, phrases and clauses may be combined effectively into coherent sentences.

Course fees: Free
Delivery mode: Online

SDE104 Academic Reading

As a student at university, reading is the kind of academic activity that you are expected to engage in regularly, and your very survival as a student hinges on your ability to successfully use your reading materials in your assignments and examinations. Before you can incorporate your reading texts into your writing, you must first comprehend what you are reading. Reading materials that are used at university level study can be very sophisticated. It is thus important that you equip yourself with academic reading skills to help you wade your way through the sometimes murky body of knowledge.

Course fees: Free
Delivery mode: Online

SDE105 Academic Writing

This course helps students to develop core competencies in academic writing skills required at university. These generic and transferable skills will be useful in writing all academic reports and essays.

Course fees: S$77.00 (inclusive of GST).
Delivery mode: Online

d. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the EP Programme

If you have further questions, you may refer to the FAQs HERE.

2. For students who have already met EP requirement: How to register for self-improvement?

These courses serve two purposes. They are compulsory courses for some students but optional for others.

For students admitted to Singapore University of Social Sciences from January 2016 intake, some of you are required to complete the course SDE101 Essential English Skills and English Proficiency Assessment, by the end of their first term. Instructions on how to access SDE101 will be sent to you via email.

If you have met the EP requirements but would like to strengthen your English efficacy, you are welcome to register for any of the courses. Typically, these courses are offered once a term and the registration closes a week before the start date of the course. Please refer below for the registration period.

  1. Please login to Student Portal.
  2. Click on "e-Services" on the left menu.
  3. Click on "Event Service Online" in Student eService.
  4. Click on the "Event ID" of the specific SDE course(s) you wish to register for.

The SDE course(s) registration period is a month and will only open and close on the date listed below.




Registration Period for Opt In Students

Course Duration

      Opens on Closes On  




3 Dec

23 Dec

7 Jan – 17 Feb




4 Feb

24 Feb

11 Mar – 21 Apr




3 Jun

23 Jun

8 Jul – 18 Aug




5 Aug

25 Aug

9 Sep – 20 Oct