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Listening with Journal

As instructors, we value engagement in classes and we encourage interactive learning. While this may not be an issue in small tutorial classes, it can become increasingly difficult for instructors to "keep track" of student learning as class sizes increase. Furthermore, given limited class exposure time, it is equally difficult for instructors to find time to "listen" to students. Without "listening" how are we to know that students are learning?

In his session, Prof Wong will share with the audience his experiences using Blackboard Journaling tool to "listen" to his students. Basically, student journals are used as a conduit for direct class feedback thereby facilitating the instructor to respond to the class in a timely manner. Examples of classroom application and feedback from students will be discussed.

The presenter believes that while continuous assessment and summative evaluations may indicate the successful transfer of knowledge for the learning outcomes, it misses out on the learning processes taking place as the course progresses. The interactive feedback provided by Journaling is important in helping the instructor shape students' perception in class and is the key to a positive classroom learning environment.

Associate Professor WONG Yue Kee holds a PhD in Information Systems, and has taught technical and management courses at University level for several years. He has taught in Undergraduate, MBA and Executive programs but finds engagement with students to be a challenging but rewarding assignment. He believes that having a great class is gratifying for the Instructor, and it makes teaching and learning so much more enjoyable.


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Speaker Assoc Prof Wong Yue Kee
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