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Towards a new wisdom of informed practice: Promoting professionalism through the lens of the scholar-practitioner

Universities that have adopted a scholar-practitioner model are uniquely positioned to reap the many benefits of having faculty members deeply committed to professional practice in their chosen fields. Nevertheless, these institutions also assume responsibilities and face potential challenges of helping working professionals seamlessly enter into a new world of teaching when it may not be their first profession.

This keynote will examine the opportunities that working professionals have for taking a scholarly approach to teaching. It will explore the current landscape of “informed practice” from what it means to be engaged in “good teaching” to “scholarly teaching” to the “scholarship of teaching and learning”.

Examples of practices and activities associated with these three terms will be used to illustrate the relevance to the unique role of the scholar-practitioner. The implications for both individual development and institutional growth will be explored. Hamilton will share his thoughts on the kinds of practices that make a difference to informed practice and the growth of teacher professionalism along with key trends, issues, and challenges.


Category Faculty Learning Symposium 2014
Speaker Doug Hamilton, Ph.D.
Additional Material(s) Slides (PDF)

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