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Engaging the Adult Learner

This presentation discusses different ways in which a professional academic and educator can engage the adult learner in their learning process. In particular, Dr Melissa Mae Saradetch contends that the process of engagement – rather than simply teaching – is critical in educating the adult learner who has been away from a formal learning environment for a number of years.

It has indeed become apparent, both in classroom practice and in pedagogical research, that the most accomplished student is often the one who is the most motivated, the most interested and the cognitively stimulated. But an additional element comes into play, especially when dealing with an adult learner who has challenges in balancing work-life-study and whose desire to learn depends on his or her level of confidence in doing well in the subject, and whether they feel that the subject has relevance to their occupation or everyday life. Thus, the educator is instrumental not only in disseminating information, but also in getting the student to "buy into" the subject.

With this in mind, Dr Saradetch will consider and posit ways in which to engage the adult learner in the learning process, and share ideas on designing lessons/study units to enhance their learning experience.


Category Faculty Learning Day 2011
Speaker Dr Melissa Mae Saradetch
Additional Material(s) Slides (PDF)

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