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Creating Powerful Learning Experiences: Authenticity, Relevance, and Community in Technology-Enabled Learning

As technology-enabled learning becomes the new norm of the 21st century, faculty in institutes of higher learning are grappling with the challenges of building collaborative learning communities and creating authentic learner experiences. One common concern is: how can educators create powerful learning experiences using available technology? In this presentation, Dr Tina Stavredes will look at pedagogical building blocks that are essential for scaffolding learning in blended and online environments. She will highlight the opportunities and challenges faced when adopting more creative teaching approaches that integrate the use of technology into the learning and teaching process. Additionally, Dr Tina Stavredes will suggest ways of rethinking current approaches in technology enabled teaching, so as to enhance student engagement, reduce instructor frustration, and increase instructional relevance and impact.


Category Faculty Learning Day 2011
Speaker Dr Tina Stavredes
Additional Material(s) Slides (PDF)

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